Take note: Kestrels do not incorporate an excellent GPS chip

Take note: Kestrels do not incorporate an excellent GPS chip

GPS Altimeter – Something you to definitely determines your local height based on a good GPS processor chip throughout the unit and you can satellites triangulating your local area. Unchanged from the stress transform.

Station Pressure – Pressure mentioned during the a channel, without the modifications. A great “station” is people venue (for example. domestic, the top a mountain, otherwise to your shore).

Barometric Pressure – The newest station tension modified to help you suggest sea level. Whenever measuring pressure in the sea-level, station tension and you can barometric pressure is equal.

Pressure Display – This new 4250 is the only Kestrel having a loyal channel stress monitor

Ref Baro – Based in the Height sub-menu (cardiovascular system option towards Alt monitor). Represents source barometric stress. That it well worth needs to be set to your, local barometric tension so as that the new height to read accurately. In the event your atmospheric stress alter, altitude will change even when equipment did not change towns and cities. Please be aware: That it value cannot change the density altitude (most of the patterns) or ballistic service monitor (ballistic habits escort Davie only). (más…)